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-You'll receive tracking number in the next few days by e-mail.
-After you received the package please inspect the box if there is any damage on it please instantly complain to DHL.
-Please do not use sharp knife or other sharp tools for opening the box.
After opened, please unfold, let the product expand and shake it up a little if necessary then let it rest for about 4 hours and shake up again. (it also helps to remove folding marks, wrinkles from the product)
The fabric is treated by heat roll process and you may feel a crispy noise at the first touch. This condition will be gone in a few weeks and turns into a soft cotton feeling but the fabric will be still down proof.
-In your bank card statment your purchase is displayed as SGLHUNGOOSE
We want to thank you again for you order.
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How to clean and care

Using a protecting cover is the best way to keep clean your product and extend its life time. Clean the cover after every 1-2 week of usage.

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