Our Response to the current pandemic situation


Your health and safety is a top priority to us, which is why we have taken the following:

-We are ensuring that our employees healthy and also wear protecting gear.
-Practice proper hand hygiene  
-All of the employees are locals and not traveling, also keep a distance of six feet as suggested by the CDC 
-The factory and raw materials cleaned carefully, sterilized
-All product and raw material on stock (compare to other manufacturers who is importing from China and there is a shortage with shipping delay)

We value your business and more importantly, your health and the well-being of your family.

Package handling, unboxing 

-Please wear protecting gloves before handling the box.
-Please do not use sharp knife or other tools for opening the box. Open the box carefully (do not touch inside wrap with the gloves)
-Remove your gloves without touching outside surface with your fingers (safely dispose of your gloves)
-Lift out the product and place on a clean surface
-Now you can fold the close lid inside out on one side of the box and disposal safely