We spend at least one third of our lives in bed, so bedding should afford high-quality warmth and comfort. HunGoose is a Hungarian company which produces the highest quality down comforters and pillows found anywhere in the world. Our products are legendary the finest Hungarian goose down comforters and pillows that money can buy. They are products that will give you many years of warmth, comfort, and luxury.
Our company has 300 years of experience manufacturing goose down pillows and bedding. So the products you are about to enjoy are made with trusted expertise, generously filled, hand-harvested Hungarian white goose down, as well as textiles crafted in Germany from fine Egyptian cotton. Our comforters are shipped directly from our factory. Hence, we are able to offer the highest quality products without the added cost of any intermediary retailer's brand name. (And, yes, we also manufacture products for prestige brands.)


Our comforters have a baffled box design that prevents down shifting. The box walls allow goose down to reach its maximum loft potential. The quilting pattern of the comforter is not sewn through. Instead, internal walls of fabric (or "baffle") create pockets in which the down can expand to its fullest potential for the highest loft with no cold area. This is one of the hallmarks of a superior product. The box design also gives our comforters a luxurious and unique appearance. The edges are double stitched with cotton cording. There is simply no better comforter on the market.


Our factory manufacturing almost any custom sizes meet to our international customers request. You can learn more about the sizes from here 

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The durable design with premium quality materials ensure long lasting life cycle. Our customers returning after 15 Years of satisfied usage.
Lower Cost or Higher Quality?
(Consumers buying 2 or 3 time more from lower cost products, that competitors bedding life time is 2-7 years)

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Hungary is one of the few places remaining in Europe where geese are still widely raised in the countryside. Our geese raising special climate in Hungary and protect them selfe from extrem cold in winter with large cluster down and extreme warm in summer with pure brigh white feathers. Geese farming has a long tradition in Hungary, and the industries associated with goose and down products are sophisticated and regulated.
The Hungarian down we use is certified by a respected veterinary institute as well as by the National Hygiene Board. We do not use "live-plucked" feathers nor any painful process to harvest down. We neither cause injury to geese nor acquire down by means of industrial farming.
How can you check the down origin?
Today, fewer and fewer farms operated therefore only a limited source of raw materials and high-priced.
Many companies advertise they product as Hungarian goose down-filled but that's inability to provide this quantity of raw materials and mixed up with low quality raw materials which are bleached and brightened duck down
Few main evidence of the product is fake and not 100% Hungarian down
-The product looks flat, -advertised as 650FP or above 800FP. Too white and going to flat after few months (most common on chemical whitening down going to dust and small particle fragment )
Too many brown and grey down filled in the product. Strong odor, smell
Our raw material beautiful pure natural white NOT chemical bleached
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The  environment and wildflower meadow and herbs allow geese grown larger and stronger than most other domestic geese in the world.  Our "fill power" is likewise exceptional. Fill power is an important quality measurement when it comes to down products. We fill our comforters with large-cluster, selected, powder white goose down with a fill power rating of 750+ standard actual 800FP. That gives our products one of the industry's highest quality hallmarks.
Likewise, we do not use toxic chemicals to clean the down we use. That is why our products are often recommend for peoples with allergies and skin conditions.
All of our products are filled with new, 100% Hungarian White Goose Down. Unlike many other manufacturers, we do not use "feather share", inferior fill, duck, refurbished or used down. 
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Rest your head in cloud-like softness and the core design support your head during the night. These pillows keep your neck in natural comfortable position while you sleep. Our soft-down Premium Quality Down Pillows have exceptional structure and quality, too. We use a special double structure design to provide an outer layer of down for maximum comfort and an inner layer to give flexibility and firmness. The outer layer is filled with hand-harvested, 100% 800 fill power Hungarian White Goose Down surrounded by 400 thread count, 100% high-quality cotton tick or Lyocell. The inner core is filled with both down and light neck feathers for firmness and support. No poking sharp feather. Made to the highest environmental standards, hygienically treated without hard chemicals and hypoallergenic. Large strong cluster white goose down filling
800 fill power 100% white goose down outside layer and lightfeather head core inside,
400TC German milled cotton, durable down leek proof,
Double Needle Stitching with Cording
Hypoallergenic and Dust Mite Proof
Sleep comfort warranty, 15-year limited warranty.
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Our Comforters designed for the best comfort, luxurious appearance, and long lifetime.
The baffled boxes design not allow the down shifting, and combined with the boxed border wall allow the down to reach its maximum loft potential. The quilting pattern of the comforter is not sewn through. A vertical wall of fabric (baffle) allows the down to expand to its fullest potential for the highest loft with no cold area.
The open box designs give luxurious unique appearance.
The edges are double stitched with cotton cording.
All comforter filled with New 100% Hungarian White Goose Down.
We don't use feather share or duck or refurbished /used/ down.
- Exceptionally fluffy HunGooseâ„¢ Cloud Light construction
- Large strong cluster white goose down filling
- 800 fill power 100% white goose down comforter,
- 400TC German milled 100% cotton, durable down leek proof ,
- Double Needle Stitching with Cording
- Hypoallergenic and dust mite proof
- Sleep comfort warranty, 15-year limited warranty
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Made from 100% Cotton Oeko Tex Standard Product Class or (Custom order Only )
Excellent moisture transport properties, Lyocell is the ideal filling material for bedding. The finest Lyocell fiber, Micro-Lyocell, is also used for high-quality ticking material, bed linen and covers.
What is the thread count?
Our coverings also have a high and appropriate thread count. This number of threads that are contained in one square inch on textile. We are use 400TC fabric
All product made with Down-proof textile /can't loose down the fabric is woven tightly and strongly to ensure the down remains inside for long time usage / Some comforter manufacturers offer higher thread count, however that is actually not advantageous when it comes to down products.
Some comforter manufacturers offer higher thread count, however that is actually not advantageous when it comes to down products.
Fluffy Cloud Light means the fabric shell is light weight and able to expand incredible high fluffy looking, instead heavy fabric from other manufacturer may give flat looking surface and also provide uncomfortable sleeping comfort.

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Our product casings meet Oeko Tex laboratory standards. That is, they have been tested and proven to contain no illegal substance, no legally regulated substance, and no known harmful (even if not legally regulated) chemicals.
In their entirety the requirements clearly exceed existing national legislation.
Overall, the coverings we use altogether surpass the consumer health standards of the European Union.
That is why we can recommend for everyone even who have extra sensitive skin.
The Hungoose is 100% organic bedding product. Recommended by doctors to be used by sick persons suffering from allergy and asthma.
All of our products are made out of pure cotton, so they are all natural product - healthy to the skin
People suffering from allergy to dust mustn't give up using feather and down quilts and pillows. The advice of the doctors for changing the bedding to other fillings has now changed.
Experiments proved, that our products limit the inhalation of dust: therefore they effectively combat allergies and asthma.
Down quilts get warm easily and any humidity leaves them very quickly. Dust-mites (as they like humidity), do not like down quilts.
HunGoose cleans its down and feathers with great precision and care. After every processing step there is strict quality control. Because each lot of raw materials is different, it is cleaned individually to maximize its inherent qualities. All feathers and down is cleaned for stringent requirements of German standards.
If you like to clean your comforter we can recommend proffesional way. You can find more information at this company
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Double-Stitched Corded Edges
Two rows of hand guided stitches flank the durable corded edges for an attractive finished look.
The product mades with Extra strenght threads sewing that is why our product last longer than conventional products.
Our warranty 15 Years.
After every processing step there is strict quality control.

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Store the product in a cotton bag allowing the product to breath.
Do not store in plastic bag, or closed box.
Never use strong vacuum storage bag because the down cluster can damaging and lost isolation, fluffy looking

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After opening your package. Sake and fluff pillow or comforter, let the air through it and your are ready to enjoy this great product. To insure that your pillow or comforter will give you many many years of warm and comfortable sleep. Once every two months you should let it aired out.
The traditional methode in Europe is placing out side under the sun 20min once every three months.
Always use pillow protectors, and duvet covers. Much easier and lower cost to cleaning the protector
If you are regularly cleaning the protector and using our reconditioning bag then enough to clean the down product after 5years.
We preferred a professional cleaner once in every 3-4 years.
If you ever have to store your comforter or pillow never use closed plastic bag for storage.Avoid storing comforters in regular plastic bags or vacuum packing. Use a cotton-breathing bag (storage bag). If you need a storage bag, we glad to ship it for you for a small charge.

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We have alternative reconditioning offer to our customers.
Keep your comforter in a dry breathable place or use our Bedding Reconditioner Bag.
All product washable on 105F just with gentle cycle without harm chemical. We are strongly recommend professional cleaners.
Highly recommend to use pillow protectors, and duvet covers for your goose down products if you ike to extend the cleaning period.
You can find lot of cleaning service but not enough cleaning the comforter if you like to get original fluffy looking then must be recoditioning the down by a special treatment removed the down from the comforter.
If you like to reach professional cleaning result pleas contact

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All Hungoose products is made from 100% natural material which is eco friendly and recyclable also.
Our company supporting Erath Dream Company's recycling programs and also rewarding individual persons and companies who recycling old comforter and pillow instead throw to waste.
Become eco-friendly and get $100.- off discount. For more information and for the cupons Please contact with Earth Dreams LLC at

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Saving on your heating cost and get paid your investment.
In recent months the cost of energy has been going to the roof.
Heating oil, gas and electricity will be even higher in this coming winter.
The only way to save on heating cost in this winter is by lowering your thermostat in your home. That will result in a colder home.
Light Feather Goose Down will keep you warm in this winter and many-many winters to come with our Hungarian flatland goose down pillows
and comforters.

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After every processing step there is strict quality control.
Our products meet the stringent requirements of German and EU standards.
All our products are warranted against manufacturing defects for 15 years pro-rated.
If you are not satisfied with our product when you receive it, return it immediately for a full refund except for shipping and handling. We do not refund after the product has been used.
We are charge restocking fee upon the product original package opened or damaged.
We accept return only with displayed RMA# outside on the box
For further information, contact us.
No returns or exchange on all custom order and on-sale items also if the product used or damaged.

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Payment, Tax

We accept all major credit card.
HunGoose Important Payment Policy.
For your security please use your verified shipping address, and check your billing address.
If you would like to order different shipping address then billing address ( like a gift ) please contact us.
World wide shipping available, the shipping cost may vary by your country location.
We are not required to collect sales and use tax on deliveries throughout the US, except where we have business locations: Florida.

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We are welcome any resaler to join to our sales programs please contact us for more information.

Our company also producing:

- Legendary Goose Down Pillow

- Latex, Memory foam Down Cover

- Medical Down Pillow for Hospital, Nursing home, 

- Pillows for Hotels and Motels, Bed and Breakfast 

- and welcome any Custom Order 

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