Official sources of Hungarian Goose Down and Feather raw materials, with proof of origin  

We are the most reliable white-label brand manufacturer and original White Hungarian Goose Down raw bulk material supplier.


Dream your idea

No matter what is your loved product if you want to create that.


We help to create 

We can add our experience and superior quality goose down raw material and flexible long life feathers. 


Enjoy the success

Our partners ensure the fast gain in the business. You can build easily a successful brand.

custom goose down products

Just a few product ideas what we are manufacturing

Down traveling pillow,
Goose down comforter,
Goose down pillow,
Pregnancy pillow, 
Body Pillow,
Furniture cushion,
Custom upholstery,
Down jacket,
Down hammock,
Sleeping bag 


Original Hungarian Goose Down

Tested Controlled Quality 
Proof of origin
Ethical sources
Low Bulk prices


Flexible Hungarian Goose Feather  

Essential base material for quality pillows


Your brand label is waiting to name it 

Do you have your own brand?
We can expand your sales with our product under your brand name.

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