Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid

Since the start of Russia’s invasion, the humanitarian needs in Ukraine have risen to unprecedented levels. More than 17 million people in the country will require humanitarian support and protection assistance.
The ongoing war endangers the lives of civilians and causes severe damage to housing, utility, electricity supply, heating. Millions of people have no access to basic needs.

Every tenth comforter, our company makes a special filling material, and hand in hand with our business partners, provides warm bedding items to those in need.

Extra warm comforter with hollow fiber goose down mix

This unique comforter, developed for cold or extreme cold environments, prevents hypothermia.
The special hollow fiber trap three times more isolated air than a pure down.
That is why the ultimate isolation performance, at the same time, the fill power is much lower for easy packing when needed it.

Our product 

Because your health and safety is a top priority for us.

sterilized goose down

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